About Therapy

Why Therapy?

It is a positive step towards taking responsibility for your emotional and mental wellbeing 

It can help you achieve clarity and come up with fresh, creative ways of tackling your difficulties

It can empower you to uncover forgotten strengths and resources that could help you lead a fulfilling life 

How Does Therapy Work?

By offering you a safe, non-judgemental space within which to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings 

By helping you achieve an increased awareness of your self in relationships

By linking past and present to help you make sense of unhelpful behavioural patterns 

The Psychodynamic Approach

Allows you to associate freely and discuss seemingly unconnected issues

Encourages you to explore your experience of building and maintaining relationships

Aims to bring the unconscious mind into consciousness by helping you explore the full range of your emotions, thoughts and early-life experiences

Relies on the interpersonal exchange between you and your therapist, in order to help you establish and develop positive strategies that you can use to create changes in your life




If you need help with deciding on the kind of therapy or therapist that is right for you, you may find this link to NHS Choices useful: